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The Centreviews’ BOTS for your accounting system
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Check out how Centreviews’ accounting automation software solutions can boost your team’s productivity and help you save money. Our suite of cloud-based invoice management and payment automation tools can transform your invoice processing and payment workflows.

Our BOTS eliminate daily, manual and mundane tasks, reduces costs and errors, improves cash flow and data accuracy.

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A Solution for the Entire Accounting Department​

Accounts Payable

Our accounts payable automation platform reduces errors and costs and increases staff and business process efficiencies.

Account Receivable

Accounts Receivable automation is a way of automating repetitive Billing, Collections and Cash Management tasks that’s efficient & effective.

Intelligent Data Management

The Centreviews Archive BOT provides a secure, cloud-based application tool to store , restrict user access and retrieve documents and/or data.

The Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Efficient Invoice Processing

The Centreviews bots can process hundreds to thousands of payments per day with no human interaction needed. From small to large companies, automation can save many hours of labor, and increase productivity each month. For enterprise firms that process thousands of payments monthly, the savings are substantial.

Robust Workflow Management

Our accounts payable automation solutions offer configurable approval workflows to fit your organization’s specific needs. Centreviews offers a workflow platform so you can easily modify workflow and approvals as needed.

Reduce Processing Costs​

By reducing processing time and streamlining approval workflows through RPA our automated Bots allow you to take advantage for early pay discounts, automatic routing of mismatched PO’s and invoices for resolution and improved vendor relationships.

Minimize Human Error

Errors cost money; a lot of money. Even a 5-10% margin of error can generate thousands of dollars ir late fees. Human error also cost your AP staff valuable time spent making corrections. By moving to AP/AR automation software such as Centreviews, data accuracy remains high and on-time payments occur on autopilot.

Eliminate Duplicate Payments

Duplicate invoice payments are just as costly as paying them late. They generate hours of research and remediation time as you can imagine. It can also create inaccurate cash flow reporting and capital efficiency issues. The Centreviews solution eliminates the common problem of duplicate invoice payments so your firm can save hours & costs associated with it

Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting​

Robotic AP/AR automation provides strategic insights to your data as well, and your company’s cash flow analysis. By digitizing your invoice data, your account and finance teams have real-time visibility into the procurement and payment process. They can conduct robust and complete spending analysis, improve the audit trail for compliance, and make data-driven budget decisions for the entire firm.

Did you know?

Manual AP Processes can cost a company from
$25 to $40 per invoice
Automation can reduce the labor required for AP processing,
leading to cost savings of over 70%.

Our Solutions are a Game-Changer

Get Started Quickly

Easy integration with your existing systems, get up and running in weeks not months.

Right-sized & Scalable

Cloud-based, and modular. Pay for only the “bots” you need, and add more as you grow.

Unparalleled Security

State-of-the-art technology to protect data.
Encrypted end-to-end.

Our Bots Automate the Following Tasks:


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“Now I pretty much just send our controller a three-page report and if he has questions on any of them, he can go into the system himself and look them up. So, I think the efficiency and then the paperless aspect for it are the two big ones. Additionally, it definitely helped a lot as far as all the stuff coming into one place and then everyone being able to see everything that’s out there, that’s a really nice piece of it. Getting info to the right people a lot quicker is a huge help for the system.”

Adam Paszkewicz, CFO

“It’s eliminated a ton of manual processes. It has everything centralized in one spot. Since everything is centralized in one spot, employees also no longer need to spend hours shuffling through file cabinets to find invoices. A document can be located through a basic search, usually in a matter of seconds. This makes it easier to give customers status updates and check on past invoices from a particular client.”

Sara Sandusky, VP of Operations
Sage Hospitality

“We have time for monitoring the daily aging of the payables and track other accounts payables indicators. There’s no doubt we have more time, whether for entering invoices, checking payments, or instantly being able to provide extra information to our suppliers. By automating our accounts payable and supply chain systems, we have been able to continue to grow while also maintaining high morale within our teams.”

Rafael Islas, AP Specialist

Sample Screen Shots

Easily Monitor Vendor Invoices

Easily Track Vendor Trends

Easily Manage Docs in the Cloud

State of the Art Invoice Matching

Easy to Use Interface

Robust Reports for Every Need


Meet Some Bots


Provides instant access to archived information and related documents

Cash App

Captures remittance information to match payments to invoices to apply cash

Bill Presentment

Creates invoice with option to link support documents


Captures and extracts data

PO Matching​

Matches PO, invoice, and receiving


Automates presentment of receivable and supporting documents for financing


Provides access to information needed to resolve deductions

Open Invoice

Automates process to retrieve open invoices from customer website


Executes customer-defined business rules and processes


Automates and issues payments using various payment methods

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The Centreviews’ BOTS for your accounting system
 is the automation solution CFOs love