AR Automation

Accounts Receivable automation is a way of automating repetitive Billing,
Collections and Cash Management tasks that’s efficient & effective.

Meet The AR Bots


Captures and extracts data

Bill Presentment

Creates invoice with option to link support documents


Executes customer-defined business rules and processes

Open Invoice

Automates process to retrieve open invoices from customer website

Cash App

Captures remittance information to match payments to invoices to apply cash


Provides access to information needed to resolve deductions


Automates presentment of receivable and supporting documents for financing


Provides instant access to archived information and related documents

Product Overview

Centreviews’ bots automate slow and costly manual processes resulting in reduced days outstanding averages and increased profits. Best of all, our scalable approach allows you to pay for only the bots you need.

Our bots reduce or eliminate manual tasks, allowing AR teams to focus on actions that drive results, and strengthen decision intelligence to deliver significant value to the organization.

Finance and accounting professionals across multiple sectors benefit from the use of our accounts receivable automation software because it streamlines the process and virtually eliminates the potential for costly human mistakes.

Accounts receivable automation, in combination with tailored, automated workflows based on business rules, creates the greatest efficiency for managing all these documents and the interactions with customers.

Key Features

Use this solution to get paid faster with an automated Accounts Receivable solution.​

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