we’re the people behind the bot, making your life easier with technology.


We’ve developed robotic process automation (RPA) to Automate accounts payable, Accounts receivable, and Document management. Together, these powerful automation tools make up the Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite.

The value behind the bot

Our products make lives easier

We’re committed to creating the best solutions for automating the processes associated with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and document management automation – which means that we’re continually improving and striving to do better. As a result our products are innovative and meet our customers’ challenges.​

Our team is experienced

Our team has decades of experience and technical expertise in software development and managing infrastructure. They are the best in the business at creating and delivering secure and scalable solutions that serve or customers’ needs and provide value.

Our business is customer-driven

Our business is customer-driven. We believe the success of our organization and our customers begins with honesty and respect. Centreviews has grown based on our customers’ needs and requests. We have customers that have been with us since we started, and we’re proud of our customers’ satisfaction.

The people behind the bot

We’re committed to providing unbeatable customer service. We know that just because you’d like some of your work to be done by a bot, that doesn’t mean you want to work with bots. We’ll make sure your RPA is as efficient and effective as possible, so that you and your business can maximize profits and cash flow.

The strength and diligence of our bots

Our BOTS work efficiently and tirelessly to eliminate mundane repetitive tasks from your staff’s daily workload, while maintaining a watchful eye over the security of your information. Our cloud based software technology have been developed to be simple, scalable and secure.

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