Intelligent Data Management

The Archive BOT drives the Intelligent Data Management Solution, providing an
economical, secure, restricted, cloud-based tool to store and retrieve documents.

Product Overview

The Centreviews Archive BOT provides a secure, restricted, cloud-based application tool to store and retrieve documents and/or data. 

This tool can ingest data or images from multiple sources with instant visibility and access to information and view any linked associated documents, that may be part of a business process or workflow automation. 

Centreviews captures data and or images into a centralized repository of data and images that authorized users can access via the cloud from any device or at any time. Companies now can provide employees general views to search for data, view related data, extract data, and extract images instantly providing a powerful portal that increases employee productivity.

Key Features

If your organization needs an economical tool to store documents, images, or any other information, with an ability to review and retrieve those items, this is you solution.

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