How are you priced?

We offer an economical subscription fee that includes a # of Users and transactions per month. Each client is provided a tailored solution and associated pricing to fit their environment and objectives

May I choose which bots to start with?

Yes, our solution can be tailored to meet your needs, with a flexible set of BOT offerings

Do I still have control and can oversee what’s happening?

Yes, absolutely, each client has instant access and viewing thru a secure portal to their data and business transactions, configured to match how they want to run their operations

Instead of painstakingly piecing information together from multiple sources, organizations can use Centreviews Business Intelligent Suite of Solutions to extract reports for board members, investors, management and auditors. The data in Centreviews Business Intelligent Suite of Solutions can be exported to a CSV file for use with existing software. The fields are sortable to make it easier to organize data. With standard accrual reporting, an organization can have immediate access to information on their financial status, which speeds up decision making.

If I notice a problem, can I stop and manually fix it?

Yes, we help each client to set up tailored processes that will automatically distribute the transaction to a resolution queue so the appropriate person can address that situation

How do I contact customer service?

We offer phone and email customer support, with quick response and an ability to address the situation through either of these approaches.

Recap why Centreviews is different from all the other solutions?

We feel our competitive edge includes: a tailored, economical solution, with BOTs that address each clients specific requirements and high levels of customer satisfaction and service. 

Our business is customer-driven. We believe the success of our organization and our customers begins with honesty and respect. Centreviews has grown based on our customers’ needs and requests. We have customers that have been with us since we started, and we’re proud of our customers’ satisfaction.

Our team is experienced:  Our team has decades of experience and technical expertise in software development and managing infrastructure. They are the best in the business at creating and delivering secure and scalable solutions that serve or customers’ needs and provide value.

The people behind our BOTs:  We’re committed to providing unbeatable customer service. We know that just because you’d like some of your work to be done by a bot, that doesn’t mean you want to work with bots. We’ll make sure your RPA is as efficient and effective as possible, so that you and your business can maximize profits and cash flow.

The strength and diligence of our bots:  Our BOTS work efficiently and tirelessly to eliminate mundane repetitive tasks from your staff’s daily workload, while maintaining a watchful eye over the security of your information. Our cloud based software technology have been developed to be simple, scalable and secure. Contact us to learn more.

Can you work with any industry?

The Centreviews solution is highly flexible and can be adapted to a broad range of industries and business requirements. Our website highlights many of the industries and specific solutions addressed. Some of the many industries include: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Hospitality, Hotels, Wineries, Banks & Factoring Lenders, Business Service companies

How do you work with an existing ERP?

With Centreviews, the approval process is handled outside of your ERP. This ensures that you always have precise control while also offering a simple solution that’s easy for your team. The Centreviews solution does have secure integration and data sharing with a wide-range of ERP solutions which aid in creating an efficient set of review and approval processes without impacting the client’s ERP solution or costs.

What about scalability as we grow and expand?

 Some of the foundational attributes of the Centreviews solution include its scalability and flexibility. Our solution is cloud-based, and modular. Pay for only the “bots” you need, and add more as you grow.

What about Security? Is data protected?

Centreviews offers State-of-the-art technology to protect your data.  All data is encrypted end-to-end, providing the highest levels of data protection, and ensuring you have a smooth, secure set of business processes to address the requirements. 

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