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Industry: Hospitality

Locations in 15+ States
Headquarters in Denver, Colorado

Founded in 1984

Over the past three decades, Sage Hospitality has established itself as a leader in hospitality management, investment, and development. As technology has evolved, Sage knew that it needed to automate its processes to make things easier for the accounts payable (AP) team.

Sage Hospitality set the stage for growth and success with Centreviews RPA bots.

  • Greater visibility of accounts payable.
  • Centralized hub that’s searchable and easy to find documents instantly.
  • Morale has improved among team members who no longer must spend their time on mundane activities.


Sage Hospitality manages hotels and restaurants across the country, relying on a hard-working AP team to handle all of its invoicing and payments.

Prior to making the move to automation, the team used a manual AP process that required each invoice to be keyed in. A copy of the invoice would then be stored in a file folder, attached to a check stub. They knew automation would not only save time, but it would make the entire process more pleasant.


Sage Hospitality needed a way to quickly find and archive invoices.

Although Sage knew there had to be a better way to manage its processes, it had years of paperwork, considering the company sees between five and 700 invoices in a given month. Finding invoices had always been difficult, and Sage needed a way to archive items so that they can easily be found upon request.


Using Centreviews RPA bots, there’s now an electronic document storage system where all of Sage’s invoices can be stored, coded, and approved.

When an employee pulls up an invoice, the entire history of that document can be viewed, including timelines and approvals. With the new system in place, Sage enjoyed transparency it didn’t have quite as easily before.


Now that there’s a centralized hub for AP processes, employees can focus on more complex work that delivers better results for the company.

Automation has not replaced the need for skilled employees at Sage. The same amount of work still takes place. But instead of pushing paper from one stage to the next, workers now must scan the item and make sure it gets to the next part of the approval process. Today, employees spend most of their time overseeing an automated process, though, rather than typing and pushing documents to the next phase.

Since everything is centralized in one spot, employees also no longer need to spend hours shuffling through file cabinets to find invoices. A document can be located through a basic search, usually in a matter of seconds. This makes it easier to give customers status updates and check on past invoices from a particular client.

The new system is so easy to use, employees find that training is a fairly simple process. When a new leader comes on board, they can generally be trained on the new system through a webinar. Since it’s remote, the company has been able to train people remotely, which saves time and money.

Sage knew that it had to upgrade its processes to remain competitive. Fortunately, the company was able to find a solutions provider that could create a tool that was not only easy to use but covered all of the functions it needed to be productive.

"It’s eliminated a ton of manual processes. It has everything centralized in one spot.”

Sara Sandusky | VP of Operations Finance

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