Katun Streamlines Accounts Payable Process with Centreviews RPA Bots

Katun Corporation

Manufacturing / Distribution

Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN

Founded in 1979

Founded more than three decades ago, Katun Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of OEM-compatible imaging supplies, photoreceptors, and parts for copiers, printers, MFPs and other imaging equipment.

  • Katun’s long history meant it operated using paper-based processes that slowed down payments.
  • Employees often struggled to locate the documents they needed to pay employees and customers.
  • Automation has shortened payroll processing time from five days to a day and a half.
  • Morale has improved among team members who no longer must spend their time on mundane activities.


Katun is the world’s leading provider of high-quality toners, drums, and parts for imaging equipment, serving 11,300 customers located across the globe.

As a provider of supplies for copiers, printers multifunction printers and other imaging equipment, Katun must regularly process payments from customers located across the globe.

While relocating its accounts payable (AP) department to Mexico in 2007, Katun’s leadership team saw the opportunity to automate its outdated paper-based processes. This also would allow them to phase out the file cabinets filled with paper documents rather than relocating them to Mexico.


Katun needed to get its payables invoices paid accurately, and in a timely manner to ensure good relationships with its numerous service center suppliers worldwide.

Katun understands the pace of business today and the intense competitive pressures its customers face. It’s essential that Katun provides rapid and dependable product deliveries to its customers and in order to accomplish this,

Automation has made a serious impact in processing invoices and serving suppliers. With Centreviews RPA bots internal stakeholders can easily find invoices and supporting documents they need. Centreviews RPA bots have reduced accounts payable processing time from five days to just over one day. It has also increased security and controls since documents are archived on a secure, user restricted cloud-based platform. The system also maintains a historical audit trail. Another big benefit is the extra time it has given the AP team to perform higher value activities.


With Centreviews RPA bots, Katun has reduced the time needed to pay invoices.

Islas sees firsthand the improvements Centreviews has brought to Katun by looking at the metrics. The numbers show a clear improvement in processing time even during and throughout the company’s rapid growth over the years. Having an automated system in place also allows Katun’s leadership team to monitor the department’s progress and identify areas where they can make changes.


By automating its accounts payable and supply chain systems, Katun has been able to continue to grow while also maintaining high morale within its teams.

Its talented staff has made the Katun name synonymous with excellent service, high quality, and outstanding product value. That’s why Katun places an emphasis on attracting and retaining quality employees.

As work processes have changed, so have the day-to-day duties of AP team members, and the adjustment has been a positive one. Islas is personally grateful to work in an environment where he never stops learning since he believes in the importance of keeping his mind strong. Additionally, automation has allowed Katun to maintain its commitment to the environment because digital processes allow the company to dramatically cut paper waste. Katun has benefited financially, as well, thanks to software that makes it easy to keep customer satisfaction levels high.

In recent years, automation has become the norm for businesses across all industries. However, it’s important to choose the right solution. As Katun learned, with the right tools in place, companies can improve employee morale while also keeping customer satisfaction levels high. With metrics in place to track it all, it’s easy to monitor the many ways automation has improved operations.

“We have time for monitoring the daily aging of the payables and track other accounts payables indicators. There’s no doubt we have more time, whether for entering invoices, checking payments, or instantly being able to provide extra information to our suppliers.”

- Rafael Islas | Senior Accounts Payable Specialist, Katun

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