LandCare Builds a New Revenue Source with the Help of Centreviews RPA Bots

Industry: Services

50 Branches in 20 States

Founded in 1997

LandCare is one of the largest, most comprehensive providers of commercial landscaping services in North America. We are an independent company that provides landscape maintenance, design, installation, and other related services. Local branches with national resources give you in-person, customized care, with all the benefits and reliability of a nationwide company.

  • Simplified vendor payment process saves money.
  • Increased revenue from vendor card rebate checks.
  • No changes to their ERP needed.


LandCare works with thousands of vendors who are critical to delivering an exceptional landscape experience to their customers throughout North America. The method for how these vendors are paid then also becomes critical to delivering this exceptional experience to all their customers.

To ease this payment process, Centreviews approached LandCare with a solution an automated payment strategy that simplified the payment process to electronically route its payables invoices for approval.

Centreviews RPA Bots offered LandCare an automated payment option for vendors – by check, ACH, and vendor payment card. The implementation of this service and the enrollment process for LandCare vendors required minimal process changes resulting in very little internal resource involvement from LandCare. The addition of using vendor card payments provided rebates to LandCare. After a smooth implementation process, LandCare was able to institute vendor payment card payments with no changes to the ERP.


LandCare needed an automated system for its vendor’s payment processing.

LandCare was skeptical about the number of vendors who would be willing to sign up for the program and accept vendor payments via card. They were also concerned about the potential negative feedback about the program from their vendors. In addition, Landcare did not have IT resources available to make changes or implement electronic payments

The Payment Solution allows LandCare to create ACH, credit card, and check payments based on their vendor’s preference. The paper-based payments are routed for printing and mailing and the electronic payments are routed through Centreviews’ trusted business partner, Commerce Bank, to its Payment Hub. Payment information is then passed back to the Payables Solution to update and complete the history for the transaction.

In addition to the simplicity of the solution, LandCare reaps a monetary benefit in the form of a monthly rebate from the vendor card payments. The end result of the streamlined end-to-end accounts payable process that has reduced accounts payables time and processing expenses and has created a more productive accounts payable department.


To get started, LandCare sent a payment file to be analyzed to obtain an estimate on the potential card rebate amount. Based on the large potential card rebate, LandCare’s decision to proceed with the Payment Solution was made easier.

The necessary file transfers were then set up and tested. Unique to the card payment industry, the new payment process included an active and ongoing enrollment process for LandCare’s vendors. This maximized the number of vendors enrolled and the potential vendor card rebate.

LandCare was impressed with the high number of vendor enrollments which resulted in higher rebates to LandCare than anticipated. Contrary to LandCare’s concern about negative feedback, most vendors agreed to the new payment setup without issue and welcomed the prompt payments via the electronic payment. LandCare even fielded a few calls from vendors who wanted to sign up. To date, there have been minimal complaints from vendors about the new process and, in fact, many have been very positive about the change.

It helped that very few additional changes to the accounts payable process were needed since LandCare was already working with the Centreviews at the beginning of the project.

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