The sak brand group Automates Tedious AP Processes with Centreviews RPA Bots

Industry: Retail

New York City, San Francisco,
China and Indonesia

Founded in 1989

For nearly three decades, the sak brand group has provided top-quality designs to consumers worldwide.

As with many companies with a long history, the company began its operations using manual processes for its administrative functions. This included their accounting procedures, both in the way they paid their own bills and how they handled invoicing and client payments.

  • Streamlined AP process and fewer emails.
  • A centralized hub that supports remote workers and multiple locations.
  • Augmented supply chain systems to ensure uninterrupted product deliveries.


Inspired by their travels, two childhood friends, Mark Talucci and Todd Elliott began by importing their “found treasures” from overseas to San Francisco.

The decision to focus on handbags was conceived when the pair fashioned a handbag out of an ordinary Balinese sleeping mat. The sak brand group quickly grew to be a huge sensation and THE iconic handbag of the 1990s.


The sak brand group needed to update its accounts payable (AP) processes if they wanted to grow.

When the company moved its headquarters from San Francisco to New York, its leadership saw it as the perfect time to update its accounts payable (AP) processes. Recently, David Luftman, corporate controller, and Agnes Palmeri, senior accountant, described the switch to automated AP processes.


Using Centreviews RPA bots, files from disparate systems are all captured and linked in one place.

The first step for Luftman and Palmeri was to find the perfect system to meet The Sak’s unique AP environment. After conducting thorough research, they settled on Centreviews, based on recommendations from others and its easy integration with their existing software. Although Centreviews is relatively new for the company, Palmeri and Luftman have both noticed an improvement in productivity, particularly when it comes to emails. Instead of multiple emails on a particular invoice, everything can be handled within the system.


With the Centreviews RPA bots in place, the sak brand approves invoices online saving time and paper.

Another benefit of AP automation is that it reduces the number of employees necessary to handle daily tasks. However, in many instances, businesses find they have no need to lay off employees or eliminate positions. This has been the case with The Sak, which has found that employees can now spend more time on tasks that benefit the company rather than pushing papers. One perk of automation that is an employee favorite, though, is that it allows them to work remotely, rather than coming into the office every day.

As The Sak Brand Group looks forward to its next three decades, it does so with excitement, knowing that it has the best tools for the job. With the right research, Luftman and Palmeri were able to help their leadership team find the perfect tool to fit their business’s needs.

“We’re all coming into the city not having to go through this approval the old way in which we would do the approval process and printing invoices,” Luftman says. “You know, Agnes can be in the comfort of her own home office and would work through that process.”

- David Luftman | Corporate Controller, the sak brand group

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