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What could you achieve if you eliminated tedious, repetitive processes?
What if you could speed up your invoicing process and have complete visibility?

AP Automation Alleviates the Challenges Businesses are Facing Today

You are not alone. Other AP professionals and businesses face the same struggles as you. AP Automation can help you address these issues, reducing employee burnout and proactively preventing fraud. Our eBook covers many other benefits you can expect to see

What You'll Learn from Our Guide

What Exactly is AP Automation?

How Robotic Process Automation works (or in this case, the Centreviews bots).

9 Benefits of AP Automation

There are so many benefits; learn about them and how each one contributes to company ROI.

The AP Automation Checklist

Getting started is a process but it’s not intricate. Learn how to plan effectively.

Securing Buy-In From Leadership

Automation, a form of digital transformation, is essential to stay competitive today and tomorrow. Learn how to get leadership buy-in.

Our Solutions are a Game-Changer

Get Started Quickly

Easy integration with your existing systems, get up and running in weeks not months.

Right-sized & Scalable

Cloud-based, and modular. Pay for only the “bots” you need, and add more as you grow.

Unparalleled Security

State-of-the-art technology to protect data. Encrypted end-to-end.

Our Bots Automate the Following Tasks:


“Now I pretty much just send our controller a three-page report and if he has questions on any of them, he can go into the system himself and look them up. So, I think the efficiency and then the paperless aspect for it are the two big ones. Additionally, it definitely helped a lot as far as all the stuff coming into one place and then everyone being able to see everything that’s out there, that’s a really nice piece of it. Getting info to the right people a lot quicker is a huge help for the system.”

Adam Paszkewicz, CFO

“It’s eliminated a ton of manual processes. It has everything centralized in one spot. Since everything is centralized in one spot, employees also no longer need to spend hours shuffling through file cabinets to find invoices. A document can be located through a basic search, usually in a matter of seconds. This makes it easier to give customers status updates and check on past invoices from a particular client.”

Sara Sandusky, VP of Operations
Sage Hospitality

“We have time for monitoring the daily aging of the payables and track other accounts payables indicators. There’s no doubt we have more time, whether for entering invoices, checking payments, or instantly being able to provide extra information to our suppliers. By automating our accounts payable and supply chain systems, we have been able to continue to grow while also maintaining high morale within our teams.”

Rafael Islas, AP Specialist

Why Centreviews

The Power of Our Bots

Our BOTS work efficiently and tirelessly to eliminate mundane repetitive tasks from your staff’s daily workload, while maintaining a watchful eye over the security of your information. Our cloud based software technology have been developed to be simple, scalable and secure.

Constant Innovation

We’re committed to creating the best solutions for automating the processes associated with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and document management automation – which means that we’re continually improving and striving to do better. As a result our products are innovative and meet our customers’ challenges.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We’re committed to providing unbeatable customer service. We know that just because you’d like some of your work to be done by a bot, that doesn’t mean you want to work with bots. We’ll make sure your RPA is as efficient and effective so that you and your business can maximize profits and cash flow.


We believe the success of our organization and our customers begins with honesty and respect. Centreviews has grown based on our customers’ needs and requests. We have customers that have been with us since we started, and we’re proud of our customers’ satisfaction.


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