Help Your Career by Building Long-Term Professional Relationships


Building Long-Term Professional Relationships to Boost Your Career

If you’ve been in the business world for a while, you’ve likely discovered how easy it is to build a camaraderie with coworkers, clients, and other business associates. As you move from one job to another throughout your career, you may have the opportunity to continue to work with past coworkers, colleagues, vendors, and contractors, whether you refer them or they request to work with you.

Although you’ll probably encounter a few people you hope to never see again, there are many others who will make great repeat work partners.

Here are a few benefits you can gain through building long-term relationships with the professionals you meet.

Understand Each Other’s Communication Style

Communication can be a giant sticking point in working with someone new. This is especially true since so much information is exchanged through emails and messaging apps. When you work with someone familiar, you already have experience in the back-and-forth interaction that comes with working with others.

You will be less likely to misinterpret or misunderstand the communication. This can save time that would normally be spent getting familiar with someone’s communication style, helping you communicate better and focus on the work that needs to be done.

Work More Efficiently

After you’ve worked with someone for a time, you develop a natural rhythm, especially if you work well together. This enables you to operate more efficiently than if you were tasked with someone who wasn’t familiar with your work style.

You’ll spend less time explaining details of the project and less time worrying about achieving the results.

When you “click” with someone in that way, make note of it and come back to that person when you have the opportunity to bring someone in on a project.

Instant Trust

Whether you’re building a team of your own or recommending someone to help with a project, you need to know you’ve found someone you can trust and be comfortable working with. Bringing on a stranger means taking a chance on someone who could derail your project or bring harm to your business reputation. For this reason, many professionals prefer to hire and choose vendors based on personal recommendations.

Throughout your career, establish trust with the people you encounter and don’t hesitate to find opportunities to work with those people and build a mutually rewarding relationship.

Likelihood of a Continued Relationship

The best thing about choosing to work with someone repeatedly is that you’ll develop a stronger long-term relationship. They’ll be more likely to recommend you to others within their business network, as well as contact you when they have an opportunity for you.

Your Personal Asset

Over time, you can build a strong professional network that becomes your personal asset that will help you grow a career and increase your marketability and value to employers, whether you plan to climb the corporate ladder at your current company or grow while working for others.

When it’s time to execute a new project or land new clients, you’ll have a contact database filled with professional connections who can help. Over the course of your career, you’ll make multiple connections, some of which will be more effective than others.

When you do develop a good rapport with a coworker, colleague, or associate, keep that person in mind for future opportunities to work together. Provide personal contact information or simply connect via social media. You’ll likely find that you can be more productive and efficient, as well as build your own career by building long-term working relationships with the people you meet.

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