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LinkedIn Business Development Tips

LinkedIn is essential to any business professional’s networking efforts. With a comprehensive profile, workers can make valuable connections that can lead to job offers or business opportunities. At every level of an organization, the relationships built through professional social networking can be used to get referrals and strengthen existing relationships.

But many professionals set up a LinkedIn profile only to find nothing comes from it. In fact, creating a profile is only the first step toward using the site effectively. Here are a few tips to help you build a LinkedIn presence that gets results.

Optimize Your Profile

Many professionals make the mistake of uploading a resume and waiting for things to happen. Your LinkedIn profile should serve as a selling point, whether you’re thinking about finding a position or merely opening yourself to networking opportunities. Work hard to hone your headline and summary and choose a high-quality headshot for your photo. Keywords are essential to helping others on the site find you, so it’s important to detail your experience in each job you list, especially those that relate to the work you’re doing now. As you join groups and make connections, keep in mind that many of the people you meet will click over to read your profile and if they see commonalities, they’re more likely to decide to take the connection to the next level.

Make Connections

Once your profile is in place, you’ll need to work hard to expand your network. LinkedIn will likely make suggestions based on the information in your profile. Once you’ve gone through those and chosen the ones you feel are accurate, start adding colleagues and coworkers until you’ve created a strong first-degree network that you can build on. Each day, log into LinkedIn and interact with your connections’ status updates and, once you’re comfortable, begin posting your own. Share interesting articles that pertain to your industry. You’ll soon find your network has grown exponentially.

Join Groups

Groups are a great way to make connections on the site. You’ll meet people with shared interests who might not have otherwise crossed your path. First find a group within your industry and watch things for a while before jumping in. Once you’ve begun interacting, if you see someone who might be a good work connection, take the initiative to request to connect and begin interacting with any updates that person posts. You’ll likely find you’re gradually building a strong connection that will lead to business opportunities you might not have otherwise had. In addition to growing your network, though, LinkedIn’s groups offer a prime opportunity to discuss issues you face each day with others who regularly experience the same thing. You’ll benefit from insights and be able to share your own wisdom, gradually establishing yourself as a thought leader among others in your industry.

LinkedIn can connect professionals from a variety of companies to better share resources and information. It’s important to take advantage of all of the social network’s features in order to meet new people and attract attention to your own profile. If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to connect with Centreviews on LinkedIn.

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