Centreviews and SpendBridge Join Forces to Provide an Integrated Source-Procure-Pay Solution for the Hospitality Industry


Centreviews, a cloud-based solution that helps companies improve controls to identify, resolve and prevent problems with their accounts payables, has entered a strategic business partnership with SpendBridge, a cloud-based procurement and sourcing solution that enables shoppers to compare items from pre-approved local and national suppliers guiding them to the best purchasing decision. The alliance of Centreviews and SpendBridge, both with experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, combines Centreviews’s automated workflow and payment solution with SpendBridge’s automated procurement and sourcing solution to provide a tailored automated source-procure-pay solution for the hospitality industry that will provide:

  • savings on purchases
  • enforcement of negotiated pricing discounts
  • visibility of invoices and elimination of duplicate invoices
  • enforcement of proper approvals on purchases and invoices
  • ability to capture early pay discounts
  • optimization of payments that can maximize payment card rebates
  • reduction in time and costs for audits

The cloud-based solution is optimized for mobile and will enable your employees, whether mobile or in located in various properties, make the best decisions for your company.

About Centreviews

Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite is a simple, scalable, and secure solution for back office departments and professionals. It is a suite of solutions that helps companies identify, resolve and prevent problems with their accounts payables, accounts receivables or document management processes. It is a cloud-based, mobile optimized platform that can be integrated with existing processes and technologies that enables companies to implement and maintain best practices for accounts payable, accounts receivable and document management process to improve visibility, improve controls, improve efficiencies, and improve profits! For more information, please call +1.651.675.2600 or visit www.centreviews.com

About SpendBridge

SpendBridge provides an intuitive storefront that people want to use – inspiring a culture of efficiency. SpendBridge is a cloud-based solution that brings a refreshing new perspective to spend management across the source-to-pay business ecosystem. SpendBridge unifies all systems, producing actionable spend analysis and accurate budget information SpendBridge brings together all products and vendor catalogs into one intuitive storefront that simply works – for every user across all locations. For more information, please call +1.800.284.6002 or visit www.spendbridge.com


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