Agnes Palmeri – The Sak Brand Group: The Determination to Succeed


Agnes Palmeri, The Sak Brand Group

Agnes Palmeri has never shied away from hard work. Determined to get her degree, she attended night classes at New York’s Baruch College while working full-time. Upon graduation with a degree in finance and investments, she realized accounting was where her heart truly was, which led her to pursue a master’s degree in accounting at St. Francis College.

Prior to joining The Sak Brand Group in 2014, Palmeri worked for Time Inc. for almost a full decade, first as a customer support representative and later in the billing department. This experience gave her the background she needed to help The Sak tackle the many challenges they faced in their accounting department. A department that worked with multiple company locations and with worldwide customers and suppliers.

Helping The Sak Brand Group Transition to the Future

Palmeri joined The Sak during a period of transition, as the team was in the process of moving its headquarters from San Francisco to New York. She also had to learn about the Company’s complex supply and distribution chain accounting processes. These processes were manual, paper-based, and inefficient.

Palmeri brought years of prior experience in AP workflow systems to The Sak. She was the perfect person to help the company’s accounting team transition from manual to automated accounts payable (AP) processes. She also faced the challenge of learning as much as possible about the old system and processes to ensure the new technology solution could handle all of its needs.

“The old process involved a lot of manual steps including, printing, emailing and following up,” Palmeri says. “AP Automation definitely streamlined the process for us as it gave us greater visibility into what’s received, pending as well as approved.”


A Valued Team Member Contributing to the Positive Environment

Today, Palmeri embraces her role with The Sak, which she describes as having a positive, laid-back work environment. The company’s flexibility is the perfect fit for her busy lifestyle as a mom who is actively involved in her children’s lives. Having recently moved to the suburbs, she appreciates the fact that AP automation allows her to perform some of her work from home, saving her on commute time. When asked about her philosophy on life, Palmeri has a few short words of wisdom.

“I would say never give up,” Palmeri says.

As a valued member of The Sak Brand Group team, Agnes embraces the company’s team-building atmosphere. Now that Palmeri and her fellow team members have ushered in a new era of innovation at the company, they’re excited to see where things will go next.

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