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Rafael Islas Profile

Rafael Islas has devoted his entire career to accounts payable, moving to Katun Corporation in 2003 after working in payables for another company. After spending four years in inventory planning, Islas moved to the accounts payable team, where he now serves as a senior accounts payable specialist.

In 2007, Islas helped move Katun’s AP department to Mexico, while beginning the process of automating the accounts payable processes. The company’s accounting division was undergoing major changes at the time and Islas helped with the transformation, which has helped the company grow to the success it is today. Isla’s fluency in multiple languages and work experiences with the different areas of supply chains has been essential to keep Katun’s worldwide inventory supply chain flowing smoothly.

A Global Experience to Draw Upon

In addition to Islas’s work with Katun, his career has included work with Texas Instruments and a Canadian drill mining company. These moves have allowed him to continue to expand his education, which is something that is important to Islas. In fact, he often tells his son that even once a person graduates from school, learning never stops. Through educational toys and brain exercises, he ensures his son never stops learning. Like other muscles in the body, Islas believes the brain is a muscle that must be continually exercised in order to remain in good shape.

In addition to English, Islas is proficient in speaking Portuguese, and Spanish. He is developing his ability to speak German and continues to take courses to learn other languages. He is also furthering his education in other areas because he has an insatiable appetite to learn. His work with Katun also allows him to grow, since the team constantly faces challenges in finding ways to become more efficient in the work they do.

Contributing to Katun’s Success and Promising Future

The future at Katun Corporation looks promising, with the company always adding new clients for its high-quality products. As a senior specialist, Islas is responsible for keeping the company’s customer base happy by ensuring that invoices are paid in a timely manner. Not only does he investigate and resolve any payment issues, but he also coordinates communication between the company’s suppliers and the accounts payable team. Thanks to the technology the company now has in place from Centreviews, Islas also has insight into the team’s metrics, which gives him the data he needs to see areas that need improvement.

One of the biggest benefits of working at Katun is its positive work culture. Employees have the security that comes with a stable environment, but it also offers a great work-life balance. Each employee on the AP team knows his or her role and works without constant supervision, which makes for a calm, professional environment that makes Katun what Islas calls “an adult-dealing company.”

The Team at Home and The Team at Work

Islas is most proud of his family, which includes two children. Between work and his personal life, he has realized that although we can achieve some things in life on our own, most of the time our achievements come as a result of the help we get from others. He is proud of his own achievements but is also very grateful for the people he has been able to work with over the years. He hopes to continue to work alongside the rest of Katun’s team to achieve great things in the future.

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