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Scott Ruhman, Oliver Companies Profile

Scott Ruhman Profile

As controller for the hospitality division of Oliver Companies, Scott is involved with invoicing for properties across the country. With the company’s growth, the demands on its accounting team have increased, also, leading to a need to scale quickly to keep up. In recent years, Scott and the rest of his team have enjoyed the benefits of automation, which has helped them become more efficient and productive.

But transitions are a normal part of life for Scott, who experienced major changes when his previous company, Polinski Rehab merged with St. Mary’s. Following his time with Polinski, he served as controller for Owen’s Force Products before joining Oliver Companies. Along the way, Scott and his wife also started their own restaurant. With his financial savvy and his wife’s determination, they’ve managed to turn a backup plan into a thriving business.

A Thriving Side Business

Scott’s wife had an interest in running a restaurant long before they took the plunge. She wanted to buy the same location soon after they married, but Scott knew it wasn’t a lucrative investment at the time. However, when the price dropped by half, the couple made an offer and before they knew it, they were restaurant owners.

“Business is probably the best we’ve had in a long time,” Scott says. “We are, by far, the best we’ve probably had since we’ve owned it in the last year. Our numbers are way, way up, and we are actually doing very well.”


Limited Leisure Time

Between working hard for Oliver Companies during the week and helping out at Cedar Lodge Steakhouse & Grille on the weekends, Scott has little time left over for hobbies. He does get a little time on Saturday mornings, but he spends Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night at the restaurant.

“In the fall, I hunt,” Scott says when describing how he spends his free time on Saturdays. “My son and I hunt. So I hunt a lot in the fall. I try to hunt with him and take time to do that. But no, it’s busy, busy.”

Family in Business

Scott and his wife aren’t the only family members to put time into the restaurant. He has a 17-year-old son and two daughters who help out when they can. He believes everyone should experience what it’s like to work in a restaurant at some point since he has found that type of work makes you look at things differently.

“My kids are better for it because they’ve seen it, and they’ve experienced it,” Scott says. “So they get it. We’ve been very fortunate. The people that have helped us build the restaurant and build the business… We’ve had family and friends that have helped remodel that place and done all kinds of things for us.”

As he watches Oliver Companies and his own restaurant grow and thrive, Scott can’t help but look forward to the future. He’s proof that hard work pays off, even if it requires long hours. He’s also proof that when you’re surrounded by family and friends, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

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